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Reference – TRMKF18                                 Vacancy Type – Trustee

Region – Nation Wide

Join our board of trustees

Monica Kirk Foundation is seeking professionals – with Legal, Fundraising, Marketing and International Development experience – to join its board of trustees. The board currently draws on a broad spectrum of experience and includes individuals with community education, information technology, financial and healthcare experience. Our new trustees would bring experience in bid writing, marketing and provide invaluable advice and support for the work that Monica Kirk Foundation undertakes.


Our Work:

A fledgeling charity based in the UK and operating overseas to create a safe, friendly and open environment offering support to impoverished children and young adults.

Our Aims & Vision:

Our aims are to build a health clinic that provides support for impoverished children and young adults. We will employ qualified staff who will provide basic health checks, promote continued health care, emotional support and improved literacy facilities. We aim to create a safe, friendly and open environment that welcomes the local community and in particular, those in need of our facilities/services. Our vision is for The Monica Kirk Foundation to become a central hub in the community, alleviating pressure on the families and empowering the children. We will provide basic health care and tools to inspire lives, address basic needs and increase literacy in an area locally known as ‘Garden House Compound’, within Lusaka West.

What the charity does:

  • General charitable purposes.
  • Education and training.
  • The advancement of health or saving of lives.
  • The prevention or relief of poverty.
  • Economic and community development.

Who the charity helps:

  • Adults, Children and young people from the Garden House Compound of Lusaka, Zambia.

How the charity delivers support:

  • Provides human resources.
  • Provides buildings/facilities/open spaces.
  • Provides services.
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information.

Monica Kirk Foundation is a Charitable Organisation, registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission. Our work is undertaken by our trustees. We do not currently employ any members of staff.

What’s involved?

As a trustee, you would be instrumental in planning the strategic future of the charity. You would be responsible for ensuring that it is accountable to its beneficiaries, to the Charity Commission and the public in general.

Prospective trustees will be expected to play a role in the operation of the charity, for example by contributing to training, research or publications, attending events, and speaking to the media, depending on the trustee’s particular skills and interests. The board usually meets 6 times a year. We expect trustees to participate in a majority of meetings either in person or via video conferencing or telephone.

Potential trustees must be eligible to become charity trustees.

Next steps

If you wish to proceed, you should email a letter of interest and a CV to the Chair of Trustees.

Contact Email –

Further information

More information on the role of a trustee, including conditions for eligibility, is available from the Charity Commission:


What have we been up to?

Update – June 2014

Well honestly speaking the past two years have really been incredible. I have learnt a great deal, as have the trustees. It has become quite clear that patience is a great skill to have in this industry. I guess I thought it would be easy! We’d register the charity, find out what the need was and then raise funds and then get the help to those who need it. I had an idealistic view on life.

What I’m begining to understand is that as in every industry there are rules and regulations to ensure things are done properly.

So, back to the question – What have we been up to? Here are a few things we have been up to:

  • Registering the Charity officially in the UK and Zambia
  • Getting costings for building works
  • Running Our first campaign
  • Regrouping to look at more cost effective ways to deliver services in Zambia
  • Seeking advice from those who are in the industry